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Finally...a Fitness Program Designed For All Fitness Levels!


From: Billy Hofacker 

RE: 10 in 4 Challenge

August 13, 2017

Have you been desperately wanting (or needing) to jump-start your health and fitness journey for a while but been too nervous to join anywhere?

Anxious about what others might think of you at a commercial gym?

Worried about having to keep up with the other people in the gym? Being judged?

Total Body Boot Camp and Performance Center now has your solution… We’ve created Long Island’s first dedicated BOOT CAMP PROGRAM to help you get fit and healthy while losing inches and weight.

In this program you will have no fear of embarrassment, as your workouts will be specially tailored to you...Even if you are a Beginner or been away from the gym for awhile.

This group will be run by experienced trainers and is open for all fitness levels and those who have felt powerless to change until now.

If you’ve been eager to make a change for a while, you won’t come across a better opportunity – this is literally THE PERFECT starting point.

We don’t take everyone and space is limited to 20 clients. We are offering 3 training sessions per week for the 4 weeks ($199). 

Here is all the information about the challenge:

  • The Program begins the week of September 18th.
  • Weigh In on September 16th and Weigh Out at the End of the 4 Weeks.
  • Group Training with Personal Training Attention. Fun, challenging 35-40 workouts that are proven to get results! (3 Training Sessions per week!)
  • Expert coaching and guidance to ensure safety and results! - One thing most people mention about other programs that haven’t worked is they get bored easily from doing the same thing over and over again.
  • Nutrition Support - No matter your lifestyle, there are ways to improve your eating habits.
  • Support from other people like you – no one has to do it alone. One of the best aspects of our program is the friendships that form during training.
  • A private Facebook group to help keep you accountable! Our online community of coaches and members are there to keep you motivated and to help you achieve your fitness goals.

Special Nutrition Workshop - "Meal Plan that Works" on Friday, September 15th.

The 10 in 4 Challenge starts the Week of September 18th. We will have a special orientation on Saturday, September 16th for you to meet the coaches, go over everything about the challenge, and have our first weigh in.  

If you are interested in changing your life then just scroll down to complete the quick form at the bottom of this page to apply for your spot.


10-4 Challenge Starts September 18th!

Try us out – the 10 in 4 Challenge is only $199 - less than $10 per day! After your 4 Weeks you’ll know we’re your fitness family.  

Fill out my online form.

Hope to see you at Boot Camp Soon!


Billy Hofacker, BS, NSCA, CSCS

P.S. If you’ve made it this far down the page, you are serious about your health and fitness. Just think how different (in a good way) this holiday can be if you commit to making a positive change! And you are protected by our Safety Net Guarantee so you have nothing to lose! So click through to register, enter your information, and let’s do this!

Expert coaching and guidance to ensure safety and results!

Fun, Challenging and Proven to Get Results!

Monday, September 18th

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